It will not stick to anything so left on it's own it only makes a splash proof seal. But it is great if you need a strain relief or if you need a reusable gasket that will be compressed in order to make a seal. You can buy RTV silicone from for about $60 for 1/2 gallon.
This product is made out of clear silicone which creates a waterproof, protective seal. It’s safe for use with either saltwater or freshwater aquariums and won’t crack, peel, or shrink over time. All you have to do is apply, wait 24 hours for the silicone to cure, then you’re ready to get your aquarium back together.

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For over 30 years, Surebond adhesives and sealants have held up through our customers’ most stringent and demanding applications.. Our innovative engineering provides flexible solutions for a wide range of uses: manufacturing, construction and safety applications. Interior/Exterior Waterproof SEASONSeal™ is a temporary sealant that provides a clear, weather-tight seal around interior and exterior areas where drafts occur. It insulates against drafts and leaks and is removable after use.

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Original Formula White Lightning® 3006 is a siliconized acrylic latex caulk perfect for most general purpose jobs. This super white formula has been a professional favorite for over 40 years. It is available in a variety of colors, including white and clear. Waterproofing Tape by Sylglas - a flexible self adhesive waterproofing tape designed for general sealing jobs in and around the home and garden suitable for rainwater gutters, down pipes, greenhouse glazing bars insulation lagging. Sylglas DIY sealing waterproofing safety products - Practical sealing solutions for the home and garden.

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Jun 19, 2008 · I am replacing an exisitng kitchen faucet. The instructions for my Glacier Bay faucet say to use a bead of plumbers putty around the inside bottom edge of the deck plate. I am assuming this is to keep water and gunk from getting between the faucet plate and the sink. I do not have any or know what it is. Can I just use clear silicone? It comes in a big tube like caulk.

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QUIKRETE® Acrylic Concrete Cure & Seal – Satin Finish (No. 8730) is a dual purpose water based clear acrylic coating that cures freshly placed concrete and seals concrete and masonry surfaces. The sealer can be applied immediately after the finishing application and provides a durable semi-gloss finish.

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Interior/Exterior Waterproof SEASONSeal™ is a temporary sealant that provides a clear, weather-tight seal around interior and exterior areas where drafts occur. It insulates against drafts and leaks and is removable after use.

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From the 1 Silicone Brand, Advanced Silicone 2 Kitchen & Bath sealant is a high-performance, 100% silicone and 100% waterproof sealant ideal for areas prone to water exposure. Advanced Silicone 2 Kitchen & Bath sealant is permanently flexible with 40% more flexibility than Class 25 sealants and has 5X stronger adhesion than Silicone 1 sealant. DAP 300ML, Clear, Dynaflex 230 Premium Elastomeric Sealant DAP Dynaflex 230 delivers a "Silicone Tough" latex formulation for outstanding exterior performance against the elements. Developed for flexibility and crack proof performance, this sealant endures expansion and contraction without cracking or losing its seal.

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May 05, 2009 · A soft cloth soaked but not dripping.. Put you silicone in the place you want then lightly rub along the line of silicone using long strokes in a smooth way until excess product is removed.. You... Note1 It's an elastomeric latex sealant. It's more expensive but, it's better than all silicone-latex caulks and better than some pure silicones. I use this caulk where silicone isn't appropriate . It shrinks a lot. I recommend you don't use the clear version unless you have to. The clear has an additive to make it go on white so it's easy to ...

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