Banjo Bolt 36-1104787 ... Copper Washer 10 mm ID D30-1104352 ... Power Steering.
A/c Clutch Relay A/c Compressor A/c Compressor And Component Kit A/c Compressor Clutch Connector A/c Compressor Mounting Bolt A/c Condenser A/c Condenser Nut A/c Evaporator Core A/c Expansion Valve A/c Expansion Valve Hardware Kit A/c Expansion Valve O-ring A/c Line O-ring A/c Receiver Drier A/c Refrigerant Discharge Hose A/c Refrigerant Liquid Hose A/c Replacement Kit A/c System O-ring And ...

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Apr 29, 2002 · 4. start taking off the bottom tensioner-holder thing. (careful, there is a washer inbetween the pump, dont lose it.) *after you take it all off, it should look like this* 5. rotate the PS pump pulley until you have access to the main bolt holding the pump to the bracket. 6. using 14mm socket, unbolt the main bolt holding the ps pump up. A banjo fitting or internally relieved bolt comprises a perforated hollow bolt and spherical union for fluid transfer. They are commonly found in automotive fuel, motor oil and hydraulic systems (e.g.: brakes and clutch).The pipe connected may be either rigid or a flexible hose.. The main advantage of the fitting is in high pressure applications (i.e. more than 50 bar).

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I have a 1987 944 non-turbo with power steering. I am looking for the rubber washers that are used on the banjo bolts that attach what appear to be pressure hoses to the power steering rack. I cant find any info or schematics that show these rubber washers. Does anyone know where I can find these washers without buying a complete rack rebuild kit?

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Remember to get both copper washers out with the banjo bolt and replace with the new ones in the kit. Undo the 2 bolts for the other pipe and pull pipe away. Note in the second picture below, the O ring on the end of the pipe is now revealed, change this with one of the 2 small ones in the kit. Step 5: Install power steering spacer onto power steering pump using previously removed power steering adjustment bracket lower bolt only. (See Figure 4) Figure 4: Power steering spacer. Figure 3: Supercharger support bracket. Step 6: Lower supercharger mounting bracket into original power steering adjustment bracket location.

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Aug 11, 2020 · 17 4 616-1025-00 10 mm copper crush washer ... 19 2 616-1015-00 Banjo Bolt M 10mm x 1.0 ... 60 1 786-2025-00 UTV Electric Power Steering Unit (Stage 3 only) ...

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This is the Subaru OEM Turbo Banjo Bolt. This banjo bolt will come included with the screen and mesh filter that attaches to the oil supply line that goes to the back of the right-side cylinder head.

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Actually, the problem was that I used a banjo bolt to plug the hole under where you bolt in the high-pressure line to the pump. I filled the holes in the banjo bolt with JB weld, on of the holes blew out and yeah, sprayed my nice and clean engine bay, with this awesome, smelly, sticky, red stuff. These Banjo Bolt Washers are used when installing the 2008 to 2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke Banjo Bolts on a 6.0L Powerstroke to ensure a leak-proof seal with the higher flowing 6.4L Banjo Bolts. One set of these four washers is required to do a banjo Bolt upgrade on your 6.0L Powerstroke. Ford W303659 Banjo Bolt Washer Kit is MADE IN THE USA! Note:€The power steering gear inlet pipe (5) must be plugged to prevent the entry of foreign particles into the power steering system. Note:€The copper sealing washers (6 and 8) must be discarded after removal. 6. Remove the power steering gear inlet pipe to power steering pump retaining banjo bolt (3) and copper sealing washers (6 and 8).

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Power Steering Banjo Bolt. Power Steering Banjo Bolt. Complementary Norton Shopping Guarantee included for your protection. Highest Quality Parts Fast Shipping 60-Day Return Policy No Restocking Fees Limited Lifetime Warranty No Cancellation Fees PLEASE SELECT Your Year. All:Power Steering Rack Adapter Fitting, -6 to 1/2-20, O-Ring ... Banjo Bolt Kit - 7/16-20 to 3-AN With Washers. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals ...

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